You Know You Are An Orch Dork When...

~You buy light colored shirts to avoid rosin stains
~You get together with your friends and in the midst of deciding what to do, you find yourselves playing chamber music
~You don't go out on weekends because "you have an audition" the next day...or even orch dorkier, a rehearsal
~You buy things like cookie cutters and pasta in the shape of musical notes and instruments
~You've put Tchaikovsky's birthday on your calendar
~You know every viola joke by heart
~When you think about it, you really don’t think the viola jokes are that funny because you know that they are all so TRUE
~You have separate buddy for orch dorks and one for "regular people"
~You know the words to the choral version of The 1812 Overture
~You know that there is a choral version of The 1812 Overture
~You go to parties and people direct you right to the "orch dork corner"
~You've decorated the inside of your case...with things that pertain to music
~You know what an Austrian 6th chord is
~You don't mind getting up at 7 on Saturdays
~You carry around a pocket music dictionary...and read it just for fun
~You've named your instrument
~The highlight of your New Year's is the Mostly Mozart concert
~You follow along in the score when you listen to classical music
~You own scores
~You find some way to incorporate music into all of your school research papers
~During your homework breaks you practice Shostakovich string quartets for fun
~You correct your friends when they call pieces "songs"
~You can draw various instruments on your etch-a-sketch
~You carry around a nail clipper
~You play along with Mahler symphonies on the kazoo
~You know how to pronounce Dohnanyi
~You have friends with screen names like Carlpebach and CadenzaV2
~You sing Beethoven/Tchaikovsky symphonies in parts for fun
~You have random spasms which cause you to play Copland’s Rodeo
~You take up badminton to try and get your mind off your depression caused by orchestra ending for the year
~You see seating auditions as a social gathering
~You avoid gym volleyball to avoid hurting your fingers
~You can play the first and second violin parts of Tchaik 4 on cue
~You ask for reeds/bows/rosin/mutes for Christmas...and then cry when you don't get them
~You have a conniption when people clap between movements
~You get together with your friends and in the midst of deciding what to do, you find yourselves playing chamber music
~You know what a hemidemisemiquaver is
~You read program notes
~Someone asks you what car you drive, and you respond: "Kreisler"
~You start off conversations with things like, “The funniest thing happened last night during my 11 measures rest in the second movement of the Tchaikovsky...”
~When you come to a rut in the conversation, you show off your perfect pitch skills by singing A 440 to break the tension
~You protect your hands at all costs...except in the case of Egyptian ratscrew
~The Shar catalog in the mail brightens your day
~You have Shar on speed dial
~You have a fit in choir when people don't cut off at the right time
~Your graduation (birthday, etc) party guest list contains more orch dorks than people from your school
~Whenever you're in school you think about how an orch dork school would be so much cooler
~You know Mozart's full name
~You get a copy of BMG's Encore Magazine twice a month
~You go nuts when you hear the school bell go off because you try to figure out what pitch it is
~You dance along with your “Dr. Beat”
~The A440 has gone off on your pocket metronome in the middle of English class
~You have inadvertently referred to Saturday as “audition day”
~You sing along with the microwave.
~You have a compulsion to complete other people's cell phone rings, and to do so out loud.
~When the politicians mention DeLay on the news, you think "Dorothy" and wonder when she got into politics.
~You find yourself counting rests when you're driving and listening to music.
~You refuse to take a class required for your major because it meets during your orchestra rehearsal
~You can't keep a constant speed while driving because you're tapping your foot
~You're walking down a sidewalk, you try to take "triplet" steps within the "duplet" cement squares, just to practice rhythm
~You're on a dinner date, you'll interrupt conversation by pointing at the ceiling, cocking your head and saying, "This is Dvorak, we played this my junior year..."
~... likewise for movie soundtracks
~You've said, "Flight of the Bumblebee is so cliche for movie soundtracks"
~You finally blast out the guys playing Hip-hop too loud down the hall with 1812 Overture on a sound system that they could only dream of having.
~You have a Strad poster in your dorm room (Brothers Amati viola, c. 1620...)
~You have soundpost setters in your dorm room
~Your instrument cases take priority over books on your dorm room shelves
~When cleaning, you find violin strings in odd places and wonder how they got there...
~When you have a violin calandar...
~When your license plate says "vln vla"
~You have christmas music stuck in your head before thanksgiving cause you're already rehearsing it
~You not only name your violin, but its named after a composer
~People think you're a goth because you have so much black clothing
~Violining is a regualr word in your vocabulary
~You tell heifetz jokes

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